If you feel there is a problem with your car not performing correctly we can help to identify the fault and fix it. We have the human expertise and knowledge as well as Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment to discover the problem and put it right.

Plugging your vehicle into the diagnostic equipment often needs interpretation as well. Our team’s vast experience coupled with the technology means we can get straight to the heart of the fault in the quickest possible time, and get you back on the road.

If you would like to chat with one of our technicians about how we can help please call 01243 787733 today

Also, the way in which modern Mercedes vehicles are designed with microchips, computer processors and sensors allows for a diagnostic operation to reveal any issues concerning these areas.

Newtons Mercedes have dealt with it all before and work on Mercedes vehicles day in, day out.

The benefits of using Newtons  Mercedes for vehicle diagnostics…

  • We can save you up to 50% on main dealer prices
  • Our knowledge and experience saves time and money
  • Mercedes Benz Diagnostic equipment
  • Additional work will not be done without your approval